One of the perfect inspirations for a bathroom is colour and light. The Green Glory gave us the extra sense of freshness; the light shades and green visually stimulate you as well as a feeling of youth you want in your bathroom. This inspiration board radiates the sense of really being surrounded by the elements of nature when it incorporates its green tones. To top it up, all the tiles are made of 100% natural resources. 

This colour palate led us to choose the grey industrial look of the Urban Grey, perfect for a subtle floor that will still make a statement of class and elegance. The urban grey has a smooth, matt finish with the cement look in detailing; have the look but in luxury!

Why not make your vanity pop with the green marble effect of the White Beauty. This slab really is one of a kind, from its details to its look overall. It’s a slab that looks as real as the natural stone marble. 

Details will shine through with the Flake tile on your shower floor. The Flake incorporates different shades of grey which demonstrates creativity in such a beautiful way.  

Choose your favorite feature wall option between our Fresh Sicis mosaic, Gleeze decor tile or our all new Sixty decor wall tile. All of these décor wall options are stunning! The Sixity tile would be suitable for more of a subtle feature wall with more of a natural look. The Gleeze décor tiles would bring the combination of a subtle design yet striking colour to your bathroom – an in between of the Sixty and the Sicis mosaic. The mosaic is the more distinctive option of the three. Each individual piece has shine to it, creating an overall shine that is nothing else but glamorous with its bright green promoting freshness.

Background : Flake White Medium porcelain tile

Green Marble : Maximum Marmi White Beauty porcelain slab – Polished

White decor : Sixty Talco Luxe porcelain decor tile

Green Decor : Gleeze Giada porcelain decor tile

Grey square : Urban Grey porcelain tile

Mosaic : SICIS barrels – Colibre mosaic tile collection

Tile inspiration mood board
Inspiration board Green Glory