If you are wondering what the perfect workspace colour palate is for you, look no further. Draw inspiration from this board to imagine and create your dream workspace where creativity can flow freely. A workspace should aim to be a comfortable environment in which focus, and flow can occur, this is achieved through the beauty of style and design. Studio Masson has endless opportunities where your dream space can become a reality…

We chose the elegantly unique Glam Bronze, a neutral brown soft marble look slab for your floor, choose for your inspiration to flow the moment you walk into your workspace. The brown pigment in the slab creates warmth and emotions of relaxation, allowing you to feel at ease in a space that can sometimes be chaotic.

Continue the atmosphere of warmth with the Il Veneziano Burno for your desk cladding, this stunning product has fragments of orange, white, grey, and black incorporated, these tones work together, creating the perfect desktop.

If you still desire to add creativity to your space, the Black Diamond makes a gorgeous feature wall. Not only will it continue the sense of darkness but also beauty. Its Brown veins with touches of white blend to create unity within such a creative slab.

To keep mystery in your space or lighten the room up with our Sicis mosaic to really absorb creativity. The combination of whites, browns, and creams with a textured feel, create such dimension and a breath of freshness in the space.

Back : Great Royal Stone Black Diamond porcelain slab

Rectangle : Maximum Marmi Glam Bronze porcelain slabs –  Natural

Square :  SapienStone  Il Veneziano Bruno porcelain countertop – Polished

Mosaic : SICI Tephra Collection colour Guntur

Tile inspiration board dark mystery
Inspiration board dark mystery