The number one criteria for choosing a  kitchen counter-top surface is DURABILITY.

Can it withstand the hours work, the hot pots, sharp knives and acidic substances BUT still look super stylish and on-trend?

The answer is YES …. SapienStone offers this and much more.

Compared to other counter top products such as natural stone and the ever popular quartz tops made with resin, SapienStone out performs all of them in terms of durability. It offers better heat scratch and stain resistance as well as UV resistance… and this makes the application possibilities limitless.

Colour and design choices are number two on the list of importance when choosing a counter top.

Contemporary designs straight from the trend leaders in Italy ensure that you have the latest colorways hot off the production line. Updated annually with what’s hot and new. BUT if a classic marble top is what you are after then collection also offers the classic and timeless marble finishes. so with number one and two ticked what else is important? Availability… although this is an exciting new product the slabs are readily available in Cape Town with new slabs arriving regularly. Now there is nothing left to say but come through to our showroom and see for yourself how amazing the SapienStone collection is and how gorgeous you kitchen will look dressed in SapienStone.