SICIS has given a contemporary dimension to mosaics. SICIS are innovators and leaders in the art of mosaic – these 100%made in Italy glass products offer infinite possibilities to create truly unique and expressive statements in any environment. There truly is no limit to the imagination with these extraordinary mosaics all made from natural materials – the simple mosaics can be combined in an infinite number of ways to create exquisite design pieces. Here we give you just a glimpse of the infinite possibilities.


Pick a colour any colour and SICIS has created a mosaic the 100’s of colours provides millions of option and combinations. Shapes include the traditional square, as well as round, oval and diamond shape. The sheets can be used on there own of combined to create mosaic masterpieces only limited by the imagination.


Breath-taking , extraordinary, exceptional are but a few words that can be used to describe the Pixel Art mosaic collection – get lost in the infinite possibilities. Choose Pxel Art for a striking finish to a pool or decorate a shower wall or add a mater piece to an entrance hall- where ever you wish to make a statement.


Hand crafted and meticulously laid out by master craftsman who have perfected the trade of bringing mosaic art to life. Each piece cut by hand and carefully place to create these exceptional Artisitc mosaics. No one does it better than SICIS- true maters of the ancient craft that have added a contemporary dimension to this art from.


The SICIS mosaic collections offers unlimited options for creating a unique mosaic swimming pool designs. Used the world over in many very prestigious pool projects all the SICIS
mosaics from all the various collection can be used in swimming pools ,spa pools and water features from the hand crafted artistic mosaic to the naturals collection.
SICIS mosaics whether a blend of specially selected colours or intricate custom made design will ensure that any swimming pool becomes a unique and striking feature.