Now available in SA discover this amazing cooking innovation

SapienStone leads the way with the introduction of an integrated  induction cooker to the porcelain slab. Find out how this innovative technology can change your experience in the kitchen.

Just imagine… it’s time to prepare your favorite meal….the French all time classic “Boeuf Bourguignon” You take all your ingredients and put them on your beautiful Calacatta Marble kitchen top and you just start chopping away at your carrots and onions directly on your top’s surface because you know that it won’t scratch… cut a chunk of butter (it’s french!!!) and then you take your pan and place it directly onto the counter top… you softly run your finger on the surface to adjust the heat and within a few seconds like magic you are cooking away!!! You spill wine butter all other the place because you cook like a French chef… with flair and emotion, you are not worried about your magic white marble top because you know that nothing will stain it and with just the wipe of a damp cloth it is clean…. You add all your ingredients in the pot and pop it in the oven for 2h30mins.

Once done you just grab the hot dish from the oven and place it directly on the top, because you know that it can take the heat, by that time you have set the table directly on the counter where you chopped and cooked because it is a relaxed Sunday and you love the silky feel of your honed marble top.

Are you dreaming?

Well no, you are much awake and the proud owner of a revolutionary Sapienstone Induction table!

What is Sapienstone? It is simply the most beautiful and versatile kitchen top surface available. With its most true to nature marble, stone, concrete, wood, you have more than forty-four different options to choose from it is a true hymn to diversity. Because people are different and live differently, they should have the choice of how to dress their kitchen. Practically the surface is made of sintered porcelain which is recognized as the most resistant material (scratch resistant, chemical resistant, heat/cold resistant, and off course stain resistant). This makes it the obvious first choice for kitchen surfaces.

How does the magic happen with the cooking?

Well, Sapienstone have teamed up with induction industry leaders TPB tech® to achieve aesthetic excellence offering customized integrated induction cooker discretely placed under the surface. This way you have an uninterrupted surface design that can fulfill multiple uses. In fact you don’t know it’s there until you know it’s there! Let’s not forget the unrivaled performance of induction cooking, saving you time and energy. Plus, the safety benefits as the surface never heats up so as you remove your pot the little ones can place their hands on the surface and not get burnt. Find out more about induction cooking.

A true dream come true isn’t it?  Visit our Induction cooker page to find out more and come into our showroom to experience cooking first hand.