We have created these inspiration boards for you to learn about the beauty and compatibility our products for your spaces. Each tile has been carefully picked to match the mood aimed to create. Draw inspiration for bedroom and ensuite bathroom. To us, this board created the ultimate mood keeping the balance between lighter and darker tones. A bedroom is a space where you want to relax, unwind form a busy or stressful day. Feel at peace in this space, choose which tile you think would fit your space best. This is our vision:

Keeping it classic, we chose the Pure Grey wood for the bedroom and bathroom floors. Everyone one loves a wood look, it’s classic and it’s timeless. But often wood comes with heavy maintenance. Not with our Pure Wood – it’s just like wood, from the feel to the look to the minor details, have the beauty without the hassle.

For a perfect feature wall, we picked out our Premium White, bringing lightness and a subtle marble effect, paired perfectly with the green Alpi Chiaro Venato cladding for bedside tables or coffee tables. The green in the Alpi Chiaro Venato brings peace and harmony, helping you feel relaxed where it’s important. Or you can swop it around – our 6mm thick Maximum collections allow you to clad furniture such as coffee tables and bedside tables with a seamless effect, bring that extra sense of luxury into your space: it’s all about the details.

Walking into the bathroom, we envision the Pietra Grey on the shower walls with the sixty décor tiles collection as a vanity feature wall. The combination of these two tiles in a bathroom create harmony: the subtle beauty of the Pietra grey contrasts the detailed Sixty Talco with the Timbro effect. All these tile combinations create the perfect mood for a bedroom and ensuite bathroom,they create the sense of Hope in your space.

White back : Maximum Marmi Premium White porcelain slab – Natural

Green rectangle : Maximum Marmi Alpi Chiaro Venato porcelain slab – Polished

Wood look : Pure Wood porcelain tile – Pure Grey

Decor tile : Sixty Talco Timbro porcelain decor tile

Square tiles : Maximum Pietra Grey porcelain slab

tile inspiration board - a slash of hope
A splash of hope