SICIS is the worlds leading Italian glass mosaic and tiles manufacturer. Studio Masson has partnered with SICIS to open South Africa’s first SICIS showcase. Exquisite beauty and intricate details embody the magnificent artworks SICIS is able to create from glass mosaic’s. All glass mosaic’s and tiles are 100%made in Italy using the finest raw materials to colour the glass.

Vetrite glass slabs and tiles  collection introduces the SICIS iconic fabrics are sandwiched with polymer film (rendering it resistant) between large format glass slabs.

These unprecedented thin glass slabs are available up to 120×280 cm in either 4 mm or 16 mm.

Vetrite provides the freedom to think about cladding without any kind of constraints in style. A decorative art, evocative and precious able to provide custom design solutions by revealing unique textures and patterns and subtle color palettes.

This product is both strong and versatile . Suitable for an infinite range of applications such as furniture, counters, doors and lighting, providing unprecedented design.

Sicis Vetrite

Sicis Vetrite showcase –  Cape Town

Glass Effect