Welcome to Studio Masson, where luxury living meets unparalleled design. We are delighted to unveil the latest addition to our curated collection of porcelain tiles and slabs – the exclusive 41Zero42 brand, now featuring the breath-taking MOU collection of porcelain accent tiles. 

Porcelain Accent Tiles Redefined

At Studio Masson, we understand the transformative power of luxury tiles, and the MOU collection by 41Zero42 is no exception. Crafted with precision and inspired by the timeless beauty of a basket weave, these porcelain accent tiles are more than just design elements; they are a statement of artistry and quality. Immerse yourself in a world where tradition seamlessly meets contemporary aesthetics, creating a harmonious blend that adds a touch of exclusivity and uniqueness to any space.

Luxury Living in Every Detail

The MOU collection is a celebration of luxury living. With three gorgeous colours – Milk, Butter, and Caramel – these tiles provide a versatile palette to suit various design schemes. Whether you envision a classic, modern, or eclectic ambiance, the MOU collection offers the perfect foundation for expressing your unique style. Transform your living spaces into a home of sophistication with these exclusive porcelain accent tiles.

Tiles in Cape Town: A Fusion of Inspiration and Ideas

Studio Masson brings the luxury of 41Zero42 to Cape Town, offering a fusion of inspiration and ideas to elevate your home or office. Our showroom is a trove of possibilities, showcasing how these porcelain accent tiles can redefine your interiors. Discover the latest trends and timeless designs that our team have meticulously curated to inspire your tile ideas and bring your vision to life.

Interior Design Redefined

The Mou collection is not just about tiles; it’s about creating an experience of luxury and exclusivity. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond visual appeal to provide you with surface covering, tiles and slabs that stand the test of time, ensuring a lasting investment in sophistication.

Transform your spaces, be inspired by luxury living, and explore the endless possibilities of porcelain accent tiles at Studio Masson. Visit our showroom in Cape Town today and let the MOU collection be the muse for your next design masterpiece.

Elevate. Inspire. Redefine with Studio Masson.