Choosing the right flooring for your home is a very daunting task. There are thousands of options in size, colour and finish, but what is best for you and your home?

Even if you have a designer assisting you with your flooring choices it is important to know what your options are, and which flooring would be suit you needs.

Technological innovation in the porcelain tile production has allowed for almost any “look and effect” to be realized in a floor and wall tile. If you are embarking on the exciting process of finding the perfect tile for your space almost any look is possible with quality porcelain tiles.

Wood, Stone, Marble, Concrete, fabric, patterns, images and textures all come to life with a porcelain tile.

But why porcelain tiles vs other flooring options?

It is quite easy to answer this – porcelain offers an almost maintenance free flooring option and an abundance of design,size and finish options.

No need to seal, scrub and worry about damage from staining and scratching,if you ensure that you are laying a quality product. Like with any product there are always the “creepies” and you get what you pay for. Always check the origin of a product and question the quality if the price seems too good to be true. If you are unsure it is worth buying a sample and testing various products you commonly use in your home to see if the stain of scratch the tile.

Once your tiles are laid there is no turning back so always be sure you are buying the best quality for your budget.

Porcelain also comes in a glazed (layer on the top of the tile and the body of the tiles is a different colour)) and a full bodied ( the surface colour is the same throughout the tile). Glazed tiles are cheaper then full bodied but the risk is should there be damage to the tile it will be more obvious and the body of the tile will be a different colour to the surface. Glazed tiles are also not recommended for high traffic areas.

If you are thinking about choosing a replica of a natural product – like wood, stone or marble there are also many consideration – of course this should look as close to the real things as possible- again here the  price is often a reflection of the quality of the replication. Choosing a porcelain tile replication of the natural product has the care and maintenance advantage of porcelain, natural products tend to require a lot more maintenance and care.  Using porcelain also protects the natural resources that are depleted in the production of marble and stone tiles for example.

But were to start with choosing the right flooring for your home  ?

First and foremost, decide on the feel you would like to create in your home/room/space. Is it a fresh and bright space or warm and cosy ? contemporary  or classic? There are so many resources available to research ideas and get inspiration so spend a bit of time establishing your look and feel for the space.

Next consider at the function and size of the space. What are your needs in the space and what is the purpose of the room and does this require anything specific from the flooring?

Now you ready to head off to a tile expert. To save time do a some  research to see which companies would best fit you needs and style – do you need design assistance and advice ? do you need a one stop shop ? how important is expertise and reputation ? how important are quality,design and brands ?

Heading to a tile store can be daunting when you are flooded with many options as you walk through the door – having a clear idea of what you are looking for will also help the sales team to best guide you to the products that match your needs.

It is also important to communicate when you would require your tiles for laying – often unique and specialised products and sizes are not kept in stock and will required a lead time to produce and import.

Also be sure to check on the laying specification of your tiles and communicate any important information about the floor or wall to be tiled to the sales assistant so that they can ensure that your are provide with the correct adhesive and grouts for the area.

Once you have made your choice, communicate to your builder your tile selection and any special laying requirements so that he can ensure that the best tiler is appointed to lay your tile. Ask for reference and images of work that has been done by the tiler. This is the last step to ensuing that you have the result that you visualized. Choosing a qualified and reputable tiler is critical to the fabulous porcelain floor.