Flooring trends for 2020. 

There certainly  is no holding back this year if you want to create a

Big and Bold statement ! 

The flooring trend for LARGE tiles continues and the move to BOLD designs is impressive. At Cersaie 2019 FIANDRE has once again set the bar sky high with their new Maximum Marmi collection. Their replication of rare and unique stones is outstanding. The combination of these with the softer more subtle marbles makes for exciting design opportunities.

What’s more in flooring trends for 2020 ?

The rare marble is the trending look when it comes to marble  finishes with blue and green being the hot colors at the show. 

Fiandre has added 2 exciting new BOLD ranges to the Maximum slab collection. AGATA and ROCK SALT, with 3 colours in the AGATA range and 4 colours in  ROCKSALT.

The WHITE and GREY BEAUTY are new to the Mami collection.The favorite being the breathtaking  AMAZONITE in gorgeous  green tones. A hot colour for the year ahead.

Take a virtual tour of the Fiandre Cersaie stand to view all these in application https://go.dimensionetour.com/fiandre

Porcelain truly does offer the endless opportunity. It allows designers to express not only a unique floor or wall design but most importantly has the eco benefit of not depleting the earths natural resources. The innovative technology now allows the leading producers like Fiandre to replicate the beauty created by mother nature to such a high level that it is almost impossible to tell the difference. 

The use of quality  porcelain  instead of natural stone also provides peace of mind as the proprieties of stain and scratch resistance are often not available with natural stones which limits the application possibility of natural stone compared to that of porcelain.